Nov 10, 2014
8:14pm CDT

I have been working hard on updating my portfolio with some new examples. I finally managed to get some up, I will post them later. But here is a preview of a new premade coming soon. It is featuring Stephen Amell the star of the CW’s hit show Arrow.

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Feb 19, 2014
10:27pm CDT

Theme remade from my 2012 version. Updated the modules. The header itself remains unchanged except that the background is now black instead of blue. I am no longer offering the 1.0 version, how ever if you prefer this version to the new one feel free to order it. If it gets requested enough I’ll put it back up for sale. But for now only the 2.0 will be available.


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Feb 19, 2014
8:07pm CDT

Though I am not currently making HTML layouts, I won’t accept any orders for an html layout unless its a premade.  This was a theme I designed a few years ago, I decided to put it back up as a premade, as it is one of my favorites. You can also order your own website’s name be added and the images of your sites celebrity on them. The change is free of charge. Head to the premades section under HTML, there is info there on how to order this theme.

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